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A beautiful look in all aspects is always a prior choice of every human being but the strength is also equally important and demanded by everyone simultaneously. Following this philosophy and as the container is the outer and the most important part of the complete Battery, we offer strong & sturdy Container Sets with various Colors <& Models in a beautiful look. With the help of our huge experience, we have designed & developed our Molds with the latest technologies & full of flexibilities to offer Tailor made products with various designs for different Customers to cater their specific needs. Facility of embossing customer's Logo not only in the Lid but also in Container is the unique characteristic offered by us to add a feather in the crown of customer's Battery products.

Above these all we manufacture all small parts like Handles, Venting Plugs, Inserts, Washers etc. in house and that too on Fully Automatic Molds & Machines which enable us to guarantee for the non breakage of these small parts. It is a matter of pride for us to have number of Satisfied Customers across the country and they are the constant source of inspiration to us while accelerating our growth every moment.



  • Our Containers, Lids, Vent Plugs, Inserts, Handles & Washers All are made of 100 % Virgin Granules.
  • Vent Plugs, Inserts & Handles are Unbreakable.
  • Our Products are made on fully Automatic Machines & Hi Tech Molds with Hot Runner Systems and do not require any Manual Finishing Operations.
  • Our Containers & Lids can save energy by Low Sealing Temperature Requirement due to 100% Virgin Material.
  • Our Products add Lots of Value to the Final Products of Batteries and help our Customers to build up their better Brand Value.
  • Varieties of Colors & Designs are available in our Containers & Lids.
  • Facilities of Embossing the Customer's Logo on Lids as well as Containers.
  • Standard Packing of Containers & Lids in the Corrugated Boxes for the easy & safe handling & transportation.

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